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What is the IoT? Everything you need to know about the Internet of Things (PART1)

internet of things, cloud computing

The Internet of Things (IoT) aims to connect the real world, made up of devices, sensors and actuators, to the virtual world of the Internet to interconnect objects with each other and generate information from collected data. Things, in general, have limited computing power and storage capacity.

The benefits of IoT for the company

Improve operational efficiency

When the object is connected to the cloud, we can Discover the efficiency of the objects’ operation,the management and the execution of firmware updates;
For example, in the logistics and supply chain field, integrating sensors and objects connected to the cloud in the company’s transport vehicles can improve fleet management, inventory tracking, and monitoring of the integrity of the goods.

Accelerate business agility

Through Real-Time Asset Tracking and performing complex and machine learning analysis on collected data, and assessing activity status to provide actionable insights.

Localization intelligence

Whether IOT objects are indoors, in remote areas, or spread across hundreds of cities, we can track them accurately.
Eg: smart city.

IoT domains

The M2M and internet of things market is segmented by the business. It develops mainly via vertical applications, with specialized players. The main areas of application are:
Energy, smart city, smart home, health, industry…

How many connected objects are in the world?

Attention to IoT is growing exponentially. In fact, the term “Internet of Things” was only coined in 1999. Today, the field of IoT has grown tremendously. In 2018, the number of installed IoT devices was estimated at around 20 billion; by 2030, that number is expected to reach 125 billion.

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