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What happens to your body and brain when you stop eating Sugar?

Whether natural or refined, sugar may taste good to us and make our foods and drinks taste sweet and fulfil our cravings. In almost all foods products, whether those we make by ourselves or those made by the food industry, one can only count a dozen grams of sugar packed in most types of snacks, sodas, sweets, candies and a lot of others.

Unlike popular opinions, you may have heard that sugar is necessary for the body and gives us energy. You should probably start looking at things from another perspective. While natural sugar can have a good effect on us, it is quite rare to reach since most of the foods we consume are not natural. With more than 50 types of refined sugars chances are, they are packed in almost every food we eat.

You should note that in essence, sugar has no beneficial effect on your body and mind and cutting it out should probably be a health concern for you. And for that, in this article, we shall review some of the most significant effects that will happen to you when you stop eating sugar and what possible outcomes this has on your body and brain, so make sure to follow up.

Sugar has a damaging effect on your body should be aware that regardless of the popular opinion that sugar can boost your energy, the fact is that this energy boost comes at the cost of your health. When consuming sugar, significantly added sugar, the glycemic index found in all processed sugars does impact the blood sugar in your body and can spike it and drop it quite swiftly which reasonably explained by the energy boost one would feel after consuming sugar. The boost effect lasts only for a little amount of time after the drop of energy one would experience.

That being said, there is another factor you should be aware of, and that is the glucose that your intestine can absorb. When we consume sugary foods, our intestines use enzymes to break down the sugars and, therefore, store glucose particles. If you have consumed too much, the odds are that you are putting yourself at risk of becoming obese or even contracting diabetes.
What’s more, overeating sugar can form other health risks on your body. One can list, heart diseases, high blood pressure, inflammations, fatty liver diseases and also has been linked to higher chances of heart strokes.

Sugar also has a destructive impact on your brain

For a starter, sugar consumption is a significant contributor to developing several diseases in the human brain. When our brain has excess sugar, it can damage nerve cells, which leads to poor memory and learning difficulties and other psychological disorders.

As it happens with any other type of disease, the sufferer will experience short-term memory problems and forgetfulness. And they will be able to process information less quickly and will make poor decisions.

While sugar can have a positive effect, most notably by making us feel happier since it releases the good-feel hormones and people tend to believe that the more sugar they would become consumer, the better and more comfortable they would feel. This is true, but only for a limited amount of time, which comes at the expense of our health and brains.

It should be noted that the more sugar you eat, the greater is the risk you put yourself at and sooner, or later you will be forced to cut back on it, and when this happens, it means that many side effects are coming to you. In general, cutting sugar abruptly can cause a variety of impact on your brain. One can list, headaches, depression since you will lack the good-feel hormones, fatigues, and a general feeling of sadness.

However, these side effect typically last for a week before the person would start to feel that their mind is stable and that these side effects would fade away. Also, this period is quite necessary to go through when a person plans on cutting out sugar for the best of their health and body, and a person would feel better with a week time.

So, what happens to your body and brain when you stop eating sugar?

Effects on your brain

According to experts, cutting out sugar has a contributing effect on your brain. Although you won’t feel this effect overnight, after weeks, you would start that you sleep better and wake up less during your rest time.

Another critical factor element you should be aware of is that when you stop eating sugar, you will lose fewer nerve cells and that being said, you will be able to think better, feel better and will be able to focus even more and make even better decisions compared to before.

Not only this but also, according to top experts, cutting out on sugar will increase your mental clarity, and you will feel that you are mentally healthy and that is what many people have embarked on cutting out sugar from their diets have reported in many occasions.

When you stop eating sugar for a longer time, you can only count the many great benefits you will be able to feel on your body. First, cutting out sugar means fewer fats and that is the step number one if you want to lose weight since sugar is also linked as the reason number one is why most people are obese.

Additionally, when you start to stop eating sugar, your dental and skin health will both improve. You will have fewer teeth damage and pain, and your skin will ward off the occurrence of pimples since these are mainly caused by the excess of sugars and fats stored by the body when you have an elevated sugar intake.

Finally, when you stop eating sugar, you will ward off various health problems such as heart problems, kidney problems, diabetes and intestinal diseases. However, one should keep in mind that physical exercises should also be engaged in your weekly care schedule since your body will be able to get rid of the fat and toxins that have been building up for a year of high sugar intake.

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