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8 Warning Signs of Poor Blood Circulation You Shouldn’t Ignore

Good blood circulation is important for health in general, as it carries nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. However, when you have a poor blood circulatory system, it can lead to many problems that can harm vital parts of your body if not treated quickly.

The good news is that this problem doesn’t just happen overnight, but develops gradually with easy-to-recognize symptoms. However, many people do not know what the symptoms are. For this reason, we give you 8 signs of poor blood circulation that you can recognize quickly.

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8. Impaired Cognitive Function

Improper blood flow can also affect your brain’s function. This is because the brain requires oxygen and nutrients to function properly. And to reach the brain, oxygen intake and nutrients depend on the circulatory system’s smooth running. So, when there is poor blood circulation, various cognitive impairments will occur. Among them, are difficulty in concentrating, memory loss, etc.

According to the Journal of Geriatric Cardiology, reduced cerebral blood flow, a drop in the amount of blood being pumped around the body, and changes in blood pressure are the main factors in cognitive deficit.